Sunday, June 24, 2012

Partagas Coronas Senior

English: Box of Partagas Coronas Deutsch: Kist...
English: Box of Partagas Coronas Deutsch: Kiste Partagas Coronas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Courtesy of friend Eduardo Fertman, I enjoyed a delecious cigar from famed cigar house Partagas.
It was a Coronas Senior.  First, I'll admit to being a fan of Partagas.  In the great cigar boom, it seemed to me that they maintained their quality standards, even as new entrants bid up tobacco prices, and in some cases purchased entire crops, limiting the availability of tobacco to older, longstanding firms.
The Coronas Senior makes my short list of cigars that I'll continue to purchase.  A new favorite!
Thanks Eduardo!

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