Friday, January 28, 2011

Musings with Perdomo

I've been reading Sustainagility while smoking an absolutely delicious Perdomo Reserve Champagne.  Much of this is a commentary on our times.  First, I'm blogging about it - not likely ten years ago.  Second, I bought the book sight unseen from Amazon.  And third, I bought the book on a recommendation from someone I've never met, but who recommended it on Twitter.
It is a very different book than I presumed.  If I had bought it in an old-fashioned book store, I would have looked at the jacket and probably declined.  I thought it had more to do with how businesses could become more agile.  But in truth, it is much more about the environment, global warming, alternative energy and the like.  I've found it to be interesting and relatively balanced, although the authors make some assertions about the capability of governments that I find incredible, and throw hundreds of billions of dollars around like dimes.
It is good enough that I'm still reading it and will eventually review it on LinkedIn.
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