Friday, January 08, 2010


Abdulmultallab appeared in court today and pleaded innocent. That prompted me to contemplate what would make someone so angry that he would wrap his **** with high explosives and light a fuse.
So, to get even for some imagined ill, he was going to set off an explosion beginning with blowing his **** off. I can't really imagine that training class, much less the pep talk at the end.
Trainer: "So, Abdul, this is how you wrap the ingredients around your **** like this, see? And you put the fuse here, like this, see? Got it? Then you light it up - you won't even feel it, it will be so quick"
Abdul:" How do you know that - looks like you still have your ****?" "And, if I'm gong to be greated by 72 virgins, won't I need my ****?"
Trainer: "Be a man Abdul - blow the back of the airplane seat off with **** parts!"
Abdul: "Where's my ticket? I'll teach them a lesson - I'm going to set my **** on fire!"

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