Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Senator Carl Levin

Senator Levin and I are at opposite ends of most every issue. However, I commend him for his straight talk on the recent murders at Ft. Hood. In a situation where others are dissembling, failing to face facts, looking for excuses, Senator Levin called this an act of terror.
Of course most Americans know this. But somehow many of our leaders have failed to call it by its name. Terror. It was an act of evil. Even more fear to call something evil; it must be a product of mental illness or an abusive childhood or whatever. Well, maybe that too, but this was an evil act of terror.
We need more straight talk in America. We've become apologists. Afraid to hurt someone's feelings. Senator Levin: I salute you for standing tall on this issue and calling it what it is.

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