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I Want My GM Stock

It isn't clear how many shares of General Motors will be issued. I've nosed around, but can't find anything definite. However, the general indication is that the U.S. government (that is, us) will own 60% post bankruptcy.

I want my piece immediately. And I want you to get yours to. According to the IRS website, about 156 million tax returns were filed for 2008. So, let's do this: 156 million multiplied by five equals 780 million shares. So, distribute five shares to everyone whot filed a return. After all, we taxpayers are going to be paying for this mess for years to come.

Sure, there will be some very predictable whining that the government can't get repaid like that, or the cost to GM of keeping records and sending annual reports to all those independent shareholders is too great a cost. Well, I don't give a damn about that. The bad management and greedy unions that got GM into this mess could have foreseen the problem and they didn't. Tough noogies. I want my stock.

And, as soon as there is a public market, all us five share holders can sell if we wish, and the stock can be accumulated into larger positions if there are any interested investors.

The Conservative talk shows are all complaining about the socialist direction the government is taking. Well, this puts us back in the direction of capitalism and markets.

Email your Representatives and Senators. Addresses etc. can be found at and Start a movement.

I'm calling it the Morph plan for General Motors. Get your stock. Don't let the lying weasels in Washington cheat you out of it.

We want our stock.


Dave said…
Gene, there are already rumblings of a second stimulus package since the first one didn't work with unemployement reaching close to 10 percent (and probably above that as many have given up hope and quit looking). Instead of more money to bail out the likes of AIG, give everyone stock. It'll make some take a second look at buying American. And if GM recovers, it'll be a boost to the economy when people sell.
russ morphis said…
Gene, What are you talking about? I already have my shares...after all, I live in Chicago!
jose ryder said…

I agree 100%, and why should we 'loan' our tax monies to the most money-hungry senate and house of reps. in this nations history, just to let them make any and all rewards. If there is such a thing as a reward, these days.
I saw on Fox News, that there is even doubt now that GM will succeed as it is; with all the rules O'bama Man has put forth for them to follow. Why didn't we just let them fail in the first place?
The ONLY way America can come out of this recession (that looks more like a depression each day) is to STOP spending. That is what our parents and their parents did when the BIG ONE hit them back in the
30's. They didnt have to 'bail out' the banks that were going broke, nor the big corporations that couldn't manage their business and went belly up.
I keep hearing the term 'trickle down' coming out of DC. There is no such thing as 'trickle down'... our tax money 'trickles' UP to DC and then it is given to the pals and associates of the crooked members of our government to pay off their bribes to the lobbiests.
The US Government does NOT have money to give anyone, it is OUR money, that we worked HARD to earn, and we paid taxes on it.
Don't get me wrong, I AM AN AMERICAN... and this is MY country. I am proud to say those words. BUT, I am ashamed of the way our country is being run and ruined by over spending.
Even Colin Powell scolded O'Bama this weekend. THAT alone should echo across America and ring in the ears of President and our BOYS and GIRLS in the DC offices, that have gone into a 'spending frenzy'......
I am an AMERICAN and my name is
Jose Ryder....
"I Want My Money and I Want It Now"
gene said…
Dave - I think the "second stimulus" isn't going to get off the ground. If they would repeal most of the mush they published as the first stimulus and replace it with a real package - e.g. build some nuclear power plants, some high speed rail connections (China has both of those in its stimulus pkg), I would support it.
gene said…
Figures. Chicago connections trump.... 8->

And I'm sure the Pres owes you for your sizeable campaign contributions
gene said…
Stay after 'em.

Thanks for the post. email your Reps and Senators and ask for your money (e.g. - the GM stock that you will be paying for the next several years....

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