Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary

While I'm now a registered PA voter, I can't think of myself as a Pennsylvanian. Probably has something to do with the number of places we've lived and the intensity of my current position; we haven't really done much to take advantage of the local area.
But Pennsylvanians will play a much larger role in selecting the Democratic nominee, and probably the next President, than anyone imagined just 90 days ago.
The recent gaffe by Senator Obama, combined with the widespread reporting of the comments by his minister, may give Senator Clinton a charge. I don't think the religious among us - whether small town or not - are going to feel too good that he thinks they cling to their religious beliefs do to bitterness. I'm far from an expert in this area, but it seems to me that Philadelphia has a large Catholic community. They probably don't feel particularly bitter either.
And most people I know who own guns own them because: they like to hunt; they like to shoot; they want to feel protected, or some combination of the three. Bitterness? I don't think so.
Even though it appears to me that Senator Obama has outspent Senator Clinton sizeably here, look for her to pull this one out.

Hillary is running an television ad claiming that investment bankers making $45 million pay a lower percentage of their income on tax than typical working people. (!) Since all the data clearly shows that the richest 10% of Americans pay almost all the taxes in the country - where is this ridiculous claim coming from?


Anonymous said...

Gene, Gene --
My first blog response....

I largely agree with you ... Clinton seems to pull out the last punch prior to a key voting period and in this case, Obama's word choice may be the punch she needs. But, it is still a week away and the weekend going into the primary seems to be they key. So we shall see.

Regarding her comment on taxes. I'm guessing that what she is referring to are taxes paid on a percentage basis -- that higher income folks pay a lower percentage (although a much higher dollar rate). That's my guess. If so, her point could be accurate, albeit misleading. Nonetheless, if she is right, it seems unfair that the higher income earners would pay a lower percentage. Don't know. Only know that I pay too much.

Hillary will pull out PA and the key will be NC / Indiana.

Kim Whitler said...

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The great irony is that Hillary made $109M over the past few years and is coming off like she is more "one of the people" while Barack is coming off as more of an elitist.