Wednesday, April 09, 2008

National Basketball Championship

I've put my grief behind me. The Memphis Tigers gave a fantastic account of themselves this year, winning more games than any other college team ever. The loss Monday night was painful, made more so by the way that it happened, with at least 5 chances to win it all. But it still can't hide a great season.

My congratulations to the players and coaches.

The best talent frequently doesn't win the tournament. I don't know if Memphis is better than Kansas from a talent perspective; I knew the teams were evenly matched. So, it wasn't an NC State vs. Houston, Villanova over Georgetown or Duke over UNLV. And one must recognize the Kansas players for making great clutch plays to fuel a very late rally.

Good job John Calipari, Derrick, Joey, Antonio, Robert, Chris as well as the bench players (subs or second team doesn't do them justice). I hope everyone who isn't a senior returns - but I won't blame you if you accept the outrageous NBA money....

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Anonymous said...

Cuz, I too was disappointed with the Tiger loss, especially the way they gave the game away; however, I am very proud of the Lady Vols with their 8th NCAA Title. At least the State of Tennessee brought home one title.