Saturday, April 05, 2008

Gates, Ballmer, Microsoft and Yahoo

MSFT leaked that they might pull its $40 billion offer for YHOO. Please! Does anyone think that MSFT shareholders are getting a good deal at that price?
Couldn't MSFT make MSN competitive if it spent $4 billion per year for the next 10 years?

FD - I own both stocks - I've held MSFT for a long time, and am very disappointed in this deal and the reduction in share price it created. And, thru the Legg Mason Value Trust, I own YHOO. Bill Miller, investment guru who runs the Value Trust, has been calling for a price increase from MSFT. Bill, MSFT is already paying too much....

Mssrs. Gates and Ballmer: pull the offer. YHOO goes to $15 at that point, so if you really have to waste shareholder money, at least waste less.....

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