Sunday, November 11, 2007

Presidential race continued

Fox Sunday News is doing a good job covering the election cycle with appearances by candidates. Bill Richardson did a decent job today defending his get out of Iraq in one year or less policy - even thought the "surge" seems to be getting some traction.

I thought Fred Thompson last week did a very solid job of taking and defending positions.

While it seems to be done to four - Guiliani and Romney - Clinton and Obama - I'm not so sure yet. Huckeby is winning support, and Edwards may surprise in Iowa....we'll see.

Personally, I still like John Mccain who I think is extremely qualified, and I don't know that it is all bad to have a President with a bit of a temper....but Thompson was impressive on the talk show circuit. He doesn't come across as having a big energy level - but I'm not hiring a fitness instructor.

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James said...

To me, the dream match-up next November would be McCain-Obama, but it's very unlikely for that to occur. McCain won't be able to get the Republican nomination because of the position he took on immigration. If he could "get past" the Republicans, he has an excellent chance to win the general election as many Democrats and Independents would vote for him over Clinton. Obama won't be able to beat the Clinton machine. The only way Obama could win would be for Edwards to resign from the race. Most of his voters would vote for Obama over Clinton. The Democrats will win the general election because the now-splintered Christian right will put up a third-party nominee that will pull just enough votes to throw the election to Clinton. Sort of like what Perot did to the elder Bush. I hope the match-up is McCain-Obama because those are the least partisan of the major candidates. If any of the other Republicans win the general election, they will have a 4-year fight with the Democrat-controlled Congress.